Southeast Engineers’ Site and Civil Engineering

Swimming Pool Hydraulics

Southeast Engineers has earned a market-leading expertise in the development of plans and specifications for commercial swimming pools, spas, and spray parks. This service includes full package submittals to the Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH) for required permits. Southeast Engineers provides hydraulic design for large and complicated residential pools and spas, as well.

Civil and Site Layout and Drainage Design

Southeast Engineers is experienced in all phases of site development including pre and post development drainage studies. Serving as lead consultant, Southeast Engineers has developed large scale commercial and municipal projects that include parking lot design/geometric layout, traffic flow, subsurface drainage, and pavement design.

Roadway and Bridge Design

Southeast Engineers has experience in developing plans and specifications for municipal off-system bridges. Additionally, Southeast Engineers has served as the quality assurance/quality control administrator for large scale state road and bridge projects. We have also developed, and provided training, for a required inspection certification for contractors at the request of Lafayette Consolidated Government for asphalt and concrete road construction.