Are wall cracks in my house related to foundation problems?

Possibly, but don’t be fooled by advertisements from foundation repair contractors.  Cracks in walls and ceiling are typically due to stress in the framing components caused by structural defects, differential settlement of the foundation, a combination of both conditions, or no problem at all.  Therefore, perceived repair of one condition may not resolve the underlying condition causing the cracks in your building.  A professional assessment of the whole property is recommended to diagnose the problem.

What causes the musty odor in my house?

One word………. Water.  Water intrusion in houses may originate from point sources (roof leaks, plumbing leaks, etc…) or latent conditions, which may be difficult to diagnose.  With today’s sophisticated HVAC equipment installed in houses, it is important to have proper function and maintenance, as well as, compatibility of the HVAC equipment and the thermal envelope of the building.  Imbalance in these building features may lead to moisture development in the building with symptoms, such as musty odors, fungal growth, “cupping” of wooden floor surfaces, to name a few………..  Identifying the sources of water intrusion or development is key to solving this problem.

What do I do after flood waters recede from my home?

As soon as safely possible, remove all wet household items from the home, as well as, all damp gypsum board (“sheetrock”), wall insulation, carpet and wooden floor materials, cabinets, etc…..  Begin the drying process using air flow and air conditioning equipment in an effort to lower the moisture content in the building framing and building materials.  Caution:  Have an electrical system inspection performed by a licensed state contractor on the features of your house prior to any remediation work as safety is paramount during these times.  During remediation of flooded properties, mold growth may occur and, as such, respirators and eye protection are recommended.  Consult with professionals, prior to rebuilding because starting the reconstruction too early may trap water inside your house.

Does Southeast Engineers perform on-site field assessments?

We are proud to offer our clients on-site field assessments in an effort to diagnose building problems and provide our opinion on reasonable, cost effective measures of repair.  Collectively, our staff has inspected thousands of buildings for the purpose of diagnosing and identifying causation factors associated with building defects.